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Memoranda of understanding

Objective: To facilitate the process of validating manifests at imports at most five (05) days upon the ship`s arrival at the maritime boarders.


Objective: Improve professional relations between the Directorate General of Customs and Trade Unions of Customsbrokers

Specific objectives

– develop a formal framework for collaboration with the aim of improving relations between both parties;

– clean up, professionalize and enhance the activity of customs brokers;

– establishing civic attitudes;

– Continuously improve the quality of service provided by the Customs Administration;

– simplify Customs procedures; reduce customs clearance costs and delays;

– secure customs revenue and services;

– simplify, automate and secure the collection of fees and other charges due to Authorized Customs Brokers

To facilitate customs clearance procedures for goods acquired electronically, as well as the securing related customs duties and taxes

Specific objectives

– Improve the traceability and control of goods acquired electronically, imported and exported in Cameroon;

– To mutualise information and facilitate the handling and customs clearance of goods acquired electronically;

– Simplify customs clearance procedures for goods acquired electronically;

– Optimize the level of collection of customs revenue from e-commerce;

– Fight against trafficking of all kinds that would lead to the evasion or concealment of taxable goods;

– Develop an effective collaboration framework to better adapt the Customs Administration to the requirements and evolution of international trade;

Objective: To Put an end to the multiple misunderstandings that have existed between the Customs Administration and the Banks following the automatic liquidations carried out for non-respect of guaranteed Customs commitments.

– The establishment of a formal framework for dialogue between Cameroonian and Chadian Customs on transit related issues  between the two countries, resulting to annual meetings and monthly videoconferences;

– The free movement of local products between the two countries;

– The quarterly transmission by both parties of the list of goods susceptible to be sold at auction sales;

– Exclusion from the public auction procedure of goods in transit for Chad, with the exception of those which are definitively in Douala, Ngaoundéré or Belabo or for which the Chadian Party has made no reservation three (03 ) months after transmission of the aforementioned list;

– The streamlining of the guarantee measures by the gradual implementation of the global guarantee and the acceleration of the regularisation of sureties;

– The gradual implementation of the status of consignor, carrier and authorized consignee;

Objective: To establish conditions and procedures to be observed by both parties which will apply to the provisions of technical assistance in the validation of export detailed declarations of Hydrocarbon provided by the Directorate General of Customs to the operator.

Objective:  To Put in place measures to support the BVS Group in the implementation of Convention No. 001082/MINMIDT/API of November 21, 2016 and to stamp certain goods imported under customs obligation by BVS Production and BVS Distribution and/or produced in their respective premises located in the BASSA-Douala industrial zone, at BBR (Bataillon Blindé de Reconnaissance) and any other location of which they have exclusive use.

Similarly, this Memorandum of Understanding aims to regulate the procedures for exporting BVS Group products, whether or not subject to stamping and manufactured or exported under the VAT procedures and other taxes and levies relating to it.

Specific objectives

– Improve the mechanism for facilitating imports and securing customs revenue relating to these imports;

– Design an effective traceability procedure for the said imported or locally produced products by stamping in a secure environment;

– Define a support system guaranteeing effective protection against fraudulent imports and possible counterfeits of BVS products by third parties, in particular by means of exclusivity contracts, trademark registrations, communications of proven information on the currents of fraud detected and participation in operations to control the detention and movement of goods to be carried out under the supervision of the Customs Administration.

Objective: To Establish a formal framework for collaboration between the Directorate General of  Customs and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts (CCIMC) in the monitoring and control of foreign trade operations.

Specific objectives

-Ensure the control of the certificate of origin in customs procedues;

-Ensure the issuing authority of the certificates of origin;

– Secure the issuance of the certificate of origin;

-Contol the expiry and sharing of data and information on certificates of origin.

Aimed at fixing the methods of liquidation, recovery and repayment and follow-up of electronic file of the the one stop shop for external trade based on customs declarations.

Aimed at lightening and simplifying administrative procedures relating to the transit of goods practical modalities for implementing the provisions of Ministerial Instruction No. 03/001/CF/MINFI/DD of January 2, 2003.A

Objective:  To Create a Standing Consultative Committee in charge of examining and formulating recommendations on all subjects of common interest to the Autonomous Port of Douala (APD) and the Directorate General of Customs (DGD); hereinafter referred to as “the Standing Committee”.

Objective: Supervise relations between the Customs Administration and the Unions of Land Transporters , with a view of improving the quality of handling and accelerate the control of goods transported by land on the corridors of Cameroon.

Specific objectives

-Promote anticipation and acceleration in the completion of formalities related to transit operations;

-Reduce delivery time for goods on transit in order to ensure the competitiveness of Cameroonian corridors;

– Modernize and optimize the goods tracking device by geolocation;

– Rationalize customs controls on the transportation of goods on the national territory;

– Promote the exchange of information between carriers and the Customs within the context of the fight against illicit trafficking of all kinds;

– Guarantee transparency in the perception of Supplementary Working Hour dues (TEL) in accordance with the applicable legislation;

– Ensure the professionalization of land transporters in the management of transit operations;

– Label the professions of land transporters;

– Continuously improve the quality of the services and benefits offered by both parties in order to facilitate trade.

Objective: To establish a framework for collaboration between the Directorate General of Customs and “The Last Great Ape Organization” (LAGA) in strengthening the mechanism to fight against illicit trafficking of species of fauna and flora.

Specific objectives

-Assist the Customs Administration as need arises  in the fight against illicit trafficking in species of fauna and flora;

-Provide Customs with information on actions related to the illicit trade in the particular species;

-Improve the control mechanisms of species of fauna and flora;

– Strengthen the capacities of customs officers in the field of control of species of fauna and flora;

– Publicize the results of the fight against illicit trafficking of the above-mentioned species.