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Professional partners

Customs actions under its various missions, are exercised within the framework of its partnership with various administrations and organizations within their sphere of competence. In this regard, the chain of customs clearance procedures involves a multitude of organizations whose actions are considered significant with regard to clearance formalities.

Para-maritime companies

The para-maritime professions or auxiliaries to maritime transport are companies that contribute to the performance of operations  to maritime transport

The freight forwarder-organizer

The transport organizer,  “Freight forwarder”, is an intermediary, who intervenes upstream and downstream of transport operations. As such, he ensures inventory management, order preparation, packaging and delivery to importers customer.

The customs broker: the customs broker performs customs formalities directly, in the name and on behalf of the client, or indirectly, in his name, but on behalf of his client; he intervenes if necessary to iron out any difficulties that may arise. The primary vocation of this operator is therefore to relieve its customers of any concern about regulations, which, due to its specialization, it is supposed to know.

The freight forwarder: Is a specialized intermediary providing the link between two modes of transport in accordance with instructions received from his client.

The shipping agent:

it is an agent of the carrier, responsible for receiving and delivering goods on behalf of the shipping company.

The stevedore:

A stevedore  is a handling contractor in charge of the following activities within the port enclosure: They perform the loading and offloading processes at the wharf

The shipping agent:

Shipping agents are charged with the duty of recruiting freight, negotiating transport contracts with shippers and ensuring the execution of these contracts. The exercise of this subject to obtaining an authorization issued under the conditions set aside by  specific texts.

The Single Window for Foreign Trade Operations (SWFTO)

Definition and objectives

Created on July 7, 1999, with assistance from of development partners, the Single Window for Foreign Trade Operations  is an Economic Interest Grouping that brings together the administration and the private sector and is managed by three bodies: the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the General Management. It has been operational since August 25, 2000, with a view to reducing costs and customs clearance times for goods,

Structures represented at the Single Window

The following actors are physically or virtually present at the One Stop Shop for External Trade:

  •   Douala Port Authority (PAD);
  • Customs Administration ;
  • Banks ;
  • Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS);
  • Treasury;
  • ONCC;
  • the phytosanitary service;
  • the foreign exchange department.
  1. procedures at the Single Window ;