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The Customs/Business Forum is an exclusive idea of ​​Cameroon Customs. Established on March 10, 2009 in Douala, the Customs/Business Forum has 06 objectives:

  • Promoting a mutually beneficial partnership between Customs and wealth-creating businesses;
  • Dissemination of procedures, specific regulations, facilities and customs reforms to businesses;
  • Improving the mobilization of customs revenue;
  • The concerted fight against bad practices, fraud, smuggling and other forms of unfair trade;
  • Supporting the competitiveness of corporate citizens;
  • Accelerating private investment and consolidating economic growth.


The stakeholders’ night is an original idea of ​​Cameroon Customs. Organized at the end or beginning of the year, depending on the context, the Partners’ Evening is an event during which the Customs Administration awards laurels to its partners who have distinguished themselves particularly through their performanceexceptional during the year. It is also the time to present to the partners the actions and results of Cameroon Customs during the year, as well as to define a framework of perspectives for the following year. Stakeholders’s night was established in 2010.


In order to consolidate the partnership approach, based on a win-win dynamic, the General Directorate of Customs signs memorandums of understanding with companies and other players in the public and private sectors.


Directorate General of Customs shares data and information with other administrations through its CAMCIS information system. Data exchange platforms exist with GUCE, SGS, PAD, PAK, DGI, DGTCFM, etc.


Performance contracts are an inclusive idea of ​​Cameroon Customs. It is an agreement specifying mutual obligations of results, aimed at improving customs efficiency and the competitiveness of wealth-creating businesses. Performance contracts also aim to reduce the costs and time required for the passage of goods. It is also a tool for dialogue that promotes problem solving and creates the conditions for dynamic progress.