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Our missions

Revenue collection

Thanks to its positioning at the borders, the Customs Administration provides assistance to certain administrations by ensuring compliance with the texts they prepare or initiate. The main missions of the Customs administration are fiscal, economic and enforcement.

It refers to the mobilization of budgetary revenue, and is carried out through the following activities:

  • The assessment and collection of duties, taxes, fees and other levies provided for by the regulations in force.
  • The development, implementation and monitoring of specific legislation.
Our missions

Economic mission

The economic mission has different aspects that contribute to the creation of a favourable framework for the development of economic activities, through :

  • - The promotion of abeyance and economic customs procedures;
  • - the implementation of safeguard measures in the event of a threat to national production;
  • - the encouragement of private investment by granting facilities to economic operators;
  • - Making available to authorities and users, statistical data relating to imports and exports of goods;
  • - Promotion of licit trade;
  • - Facilitation of foreign trade by simplifying and modernizing procedures.
Our missions

surveillance mission

The enforcement mission concerns the protection of the interest of the State and the citizens. This is materialized by the following areas of vigilance:

  • - The surveillance of land, sea and air borders, control of the movement and handling of goods in the national territory;
  • - The protection of cultural, environmental and wildlife heritage through the application of specific regulations issued by other administrations;
  • - The fight against organized crime, drug trafficking and other illicit trafficking (chemical precursors, currency, etc.).